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About the brand

Installation is carried out in strict compliance with all deadlines

We cooperate only with trusted suppliers

We have been operating for over 15 years

We can arrange logistics and delivery door-to-door

1 year warranty

Timely maintenance of equipment, including its repair

We assist in training our clients' employees

Quick selection of necessary spare parts


Tools and spare parts

Large Projects, implements in 2019-2020

  • 1 Project:

    Automated glass processing line using automatic loaders. The line of double edgers allows automatic processing of thin glass (min. Thickness 1.3 mm), min. glass size 100x150 mm.

    A robotic system for loading, rotating, moving and unloading glass was installed.

    The line is located on a plot of 300 sq.m.

  • 2 Project:

    Automated line for cutting, processing, drilling and silk-screen painting of glass with automatic loading and unloading stations. High performance tunnel type hardening furnace with replaceable bending units.

    The line for processing and painting allows you to automatically perform all operations with glass, without human intervention, thereby minimizing the percentage of rejects.

    Our company has completed a turnkey modern workshop for the production of auto glass, with an area of over 1200 sq.m.

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